Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey, Ya!

It’s exhausting to read and blog-hop sometimes. You know with the variety of blogs that we have today. I used to enjoy reading blog sites before. Well, to be honest; it came to a point that blog-hopping has become like a routine to me. I lost interest in reading blogs. So for a while, I’ve stopped visiting my favorite blog sites and relied on Instagram for useful updates (mostly beauty and fashion)! Cos it’s easier and mobile, and yes, I’ve gotten lazy. Hehee. I still read blogs from time to time but I stick to mostly personal blogs now and I’ve never been happier! Happier because when I blog-hop; I get too acquisitive-- especially with fashion and beauty blogs! And I hate it. It’s a disgusting feeling whenever I tend to desire too many things. So I try to avoid it like a plague.

I guess I’ve gotten too conservative when it comes to blogging and social-media sites now. It used to be fun! But now it’s just too much. Bleh. I’m getting old to be feeling this way. In any case, I’ve always been old-fashioned so I’m okay with it. And with all honesty, I think I can survive without the internet. I can. It’s hard but it’s manageable. You know, and it’s constructive when you’re off it cos you get to do a lot of things. I mean tons of things! Of course it’s completely different when you rely on internet connection for your work. Not to be a hypocrite though; staying connected has its advantages too. One major advantage is network. I realized how important this is when we were just starting with our business. It matters to know “people”. You definitely need a lot of connections to be successful in this field. So staying online has become a necessity. I think the operative word here is balance.

Like most things that I do, I have a love-hate relationship with the internet too. Sometimes I love staying connected but most of the time I don’t. I suppose the reason why I’ve been blogging for such a long time now is because deep down I want to stay relevant. You know, to stay connected. To share things that I like, to spread awareness on things I’m passionate about. I’m kind of hoping that I can blog now for at least once a month. I will try. Haha. But I’m on Instagram anyway. Let’s see each other there, then?