Monday, February 18, 2013

To Scrub or Not To Scrub

There's something so gratifying when you scrub your skin. But be careful when you scrub (especially your face) cos if you scrub too enthusiastically, it can do more harm than good. Sometimes your cleanser and a wet washcloth is enough to get rid of dull and flaky skin. But if you're like me and you can't simply get away with the obligatory scrubbing, be cautious and always observe how your skin behaves after a scrub.

Most of the time, I use a wet nappy cloth to get rid of accumulated dull skin. If my skin is behaving well, I use St. Ives Olive Scrub or St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub (just around the nose and chin). I like how St. Ives has always been against animal testing and how the company supports recycling. Plus their skincare products are now paraben and phthalate-free. Both are fruit based kernel scrubs so I’m getting the AHA that I need which promotes cell renewal (a small amount of AHA is not so bad for sensitive skin as long as you use it sparingly). And cheap, you get a big tube for the amount of Php200+.

Read on for efficient and safe scrubbing tips:

A pea-size amount is enough to scrub your whole face. Make sure your face is completely wet before proceeding with the scrub. Massage with circular and gentle motion. Rinse your face thoroughly; pat your face with a clean freshly washed towel. Don't forget to tone and put on moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

Look for facial scrubs with granules that will dissolve in water as they’re more skin-friendly (or you can concoct your own! My favorite is oatmeal + honey).            

Steer clear of rough face puffs however natural they may be.

Be careful when you scrub around the cheeks. Sometimes it's enough to just scrub the nose, skin surrounding the nose, forehead and chin.

Scrub not more than once a week regardless if you have sensitive, normal, oily or combination skin. Resist the urge to scrub often however satisfying it may feel like.

Prevention is always better than cure. So always be safe. Happy scrubbing... or not!  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Brow Story

I have this thing for brows. I admire pretty and well-shaped brows. Maybe because mine are sparse and thin, so I want my brows to be full and thicker. I bought my first brow pencil right after I graduated from high school. Aahhh freedom from the prying nuns' eyes! I need it that early as my brows are really thin and light colored. I've tried everything to make it thicker and darker; from coconut oil to aloe vera! But they're still thin and well, shapeless. 

Neat and perfectly arched eyebrows frame the face. You can get away with well-groomed eyebrows without any makeup on. You'd still look decent enough to face the world. It's true! 

When I gave birth three months ago (it was a c-sec); the second thing that I did when I regained consciousness was to color my brows (still lying and still couldn't stand up). Yes, it's that important! I look terrible without brow product! I won't say that I have perfectly groomed eyebrows but I think they're pretty okay for a diy. So how do I groom my brows, you might ask. Well, I pluck and trim them. I haven't been into a brow salon to have them threaded and shaped. Because being the OC-do-it-yourself-stingy girl that I am, I just can't! 

My eyebrows look okay but it could be better!

For a diy brow grooming, you need a good pair of tweezers and small scissors. I can't elaborate on how to's because I don't have perfectly-groomed eyebrows (and you have google for that) but the rule of thumb is not to overpluck them. It can be pretty overwhelming when you do it yourself, especially if you're not careful. So I suggest that you do it gradually or better yet, go to a brow salon to have them threaded and shaped. Now for brow product, choose a color that's slightly lighter than your hair color cos it's more natural-looking. If you have thick eyebrows, use a brow gel to tame them. And last but not the least, after defining (wax) and filling (color) your brows, brush them with a spoolie for a more polished look.

That's about it! But I've been planning to visit a brow salon soon. It's about time, no? My eyebrows look okay but it could be better. So wish me luck!    

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Online Shopping Etiquette 101

Do you like to shop online? Well, like most mommies and busy working girls, I do too! I like online shopping cos it's a great way to save time and money. You just need to find a reputable online shop for a hassle-free transaction. I've recently tried the Multiply cart (I know I know I'm so late) and boy oh boy I like it! I really really do! It's so easy (and fun) especially if you have a credit card (or online banking). Just don't be too trigger-happy when clicking the "buy" button if you're not so sure about a particular item you want to buy. Sellers hate bogus/joy reservers/buyers, so practice online shopping etiquette at all times!

So what are the basics of online shopping etiquette? Read on.

1. You're looking for affordable and cheaper (compared to mall prices) finds that's why you resort to online shopping. But as much as you want to haggle, don't. Unless you personally know the seller or if you've been a long time loyal customer, I guess that's okay (but at some level, it's still not okay). Avoid annoying comments like: "Last price?". Sellers state the prices for obvious reasons. If you're a frequent buyer from a particular site, chances are, the seller will give you freebies or discounts. No need for haggling.

2. The thing with online shopping is: "What you see is not what you usually get." Always bear that in mind. Especially if you're shopping for clothes and bags (colors, fabric and texture will always/may vary). Don't blame the seller if you hate didn't like what you've bought from them. Not unless the seller deliberately lied (fake items) about what they're selling, then you have every right to get mad and get even. Read the seller's terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing a certain item so you'll know what to do if you can still return and have your item replaced. Be a responsible online shopper.

3. It's convenient to use social networking sites to communicate but if you're shopping online and you want a particular item (and especially if that item costs a lot of money). You text-call-pm-email instead to assure your seller that you're serious and you intend to buy the item from them. Don't just leave comments (this is common in Facebook) on the photo. It's impersonal and it would look like you're bragging (not unless it's really your intention).

4. It's okay to ask the seller if their items are authentic (I do it all the time), just be discreet. Or better yet, do your research! Online shops that have been in the business for more than 3 years are the most trustworthy ones. Read the customers' feedback so you can be assured that you're buying from a reputable shop.

5. Read. I can't state this enough but if you want a hassle-less transaction, read; it's the most prudent thing you can do.

5. After paying (whether you do it over the counter or online banking), make sure to notify your seller as well and include your payment details (bank details, time stamp, amount, etc).

6. Lastly, after receiving your package. Thank the seller for a hassle-less transaction (I won't say free cos online shops are not perfect). You need to build a good online relationship with your seller if you want a hassle-free transaction the next time you buy from them.

There you have it! Remember to be polite and be smart!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All Things DIY: Ingga Sandals

All my friends say that I have a knack for crafts. I love anything handmade and I'll always gravitate towards anything diy. So when I saw these online; I did the most obvious thing a crafty girl will do-- that is to buy a pair asap! The brainchild behind Ingga Sandals is Kirstine dela Rosa. I met her and she seems nice. That's all I can say cos I have low eq when it comes to socialization, sorry! Anyway, she's prompt and I like that it was a hassle-free transaction.

According to Ingga Sandals' Facebook page, you can design their sandal in 11 basic ways (wow, that's a lot in a pair!). This is actually my first pair of diy sandal so I immediately tried some tying techniques upon getting home. Yes, I'm excited like that! 

A pair is Php700, it comes with three ties (black, brown and white). They're having a promo in which you get two pairs of pastel colored ties for free. Additional pair of ties is Php60. It's relatively cheap considering that its made of genuine leather soles and loops (and just think of the designs you can create!). Plus it's proudly Filipino made and handcrafted.      

My first DIY sandal and my favorite style! :)

I like that the ties are sturdy enough to withstand a quick stroll and yet soft enough that you can tie them with ease. The soles are really flat and like any flat footwear, it's tiring to walk in 'em for a long period of time. But I love it still and can't wait to make more knots!

How about you? Have you bought any diy or handcrafted footwear lately? Share please! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been blogging for close to 10 years now. I admit I'm in pretty bad shape in terms of blogging technicalities, you know-- the works! But it didn't stop me from blogging nevertheless! It's too much fun! I get to meet (and stalk- lol) wonderful people online and discover amazing finds. Well, to be honest, I've always had a love/hate relationship with blogging but I love writing and blogging is a great excuse to do it! This particular blog will showcase my love for all things DIY, ramblings on mommyhood or just about anything in between. I have a personal blog but it became too personal hence too boring. This blog will show a different side of me-- less boring and somewhat colorful!