Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Brow Story

I have this thing for brows. I admire pretty and well-shaped brows. Maybe because mine are sparse and thin, so I want my brows to be full and thicker. I bought my first brow pencil right after I graduated from high school. Aahhh freedom from the prying nuns' eyes! I need it that early as my brows are really thin and light colored. I've tried everything to make it thicker and darker; from coconut oil to aloe vera! But they're still thin and well, shapeless. 

Neat and perfectly arched eyebrows frame the face. You can get away with well-groomed eyebrows without any makeup on. You'd still look decent enough to face the world. It's true! 

When I gave birth three months ago (it was a c-sec); the second thing that I did when I regained consciousness was to color my brows (still lying and still couldn't stand up). Yes, it's that important! I look terrible without brow product! I won't say that I have perfectly groomed eyebrows but I think they're pretty okay for a diy. So how do I groom my brows, you might ask. Well, I pluck and trim them. I haven't been into a brow salon to have them threaded and shaped. Because being the OC-do-it-yourself-stingy girl that I am, I just can't! 

My eyebrows look okay but it could be better!

For a diy brow grooming, you need a good pair of tweezers and small scissors. I can't elaborate on how to's because I don't have perfectly-groomed eyebrows (and you have google for that) but the rule of thumb is not to overpluck them. It can be pretty overwhelming when you do it yourself, especially if you're not careful. So I suggest that you do it gradually or better yet, go to a brow salon to have them threaded and shaped. Now for brow product, choose a color that's slightly lighter than your hair color cos it's more natural-looking. If you have thick eyebrows, use a brow gel to tame them. And last but not the least, after defining (wax) and filling (color) your brows, brush them with a spoolie for a more polished look.

That's about it! But I've been planning to visit a brow salon soon. It's about time, no? My eyebrows look okay but it could be better. So wish me luck!    

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