Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All Things DIY: Ingga Sandals

All my friends say that I have a knack for crafts. I love anything handmade and I'll always gravitate towards anything diy. So when I saw these online; I did the most obvious thing a crafty girl will do-- that is to buy a pair asap! The brainchild behind Ingga Sandals is Kirstine dela Rosa. I met her and she seems nice. That's all I can say cos I have low eq when it comes to socialization, sorry! Anyway, she's prompt and I like that it was a hassle-free transaction.

According to Ingga Sandals' Facebook page, you can design their sandal in 11 basic ways (wow, that's a lot in a pair!). This is actually my first pair of diy sandal so I immediately tried some tying techniques upon getting home. Yes, I'm excited like that! 

A pair is Php700, it comes with three ties (black, brown and white). They're having a promo in which you get two pairs of pastel colored ties for free. Additional pair of ties is Php60. It's relatively cheap considering that its made of genuine leather soles and loops (and just think of the designs you can create!). Plus it's proudly Filipino made and handcrafted.      

My first DIY sandal and my favorite style! :)

I like that the ties are sturdy enough to withstand a quick stroll and yet soft enough that you can tie them with ease. The soles are really flat and like any flat footwear, it's tiring to walk in 'em for a long period of time. But I love it still and can't wait to make more knots!

How about you? Have you bought any diy or handcrafted footwear lately? Share please! :)

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