Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Online Shopping Etiquette 101

Do you like to shop online? Well, like most mommies and busy working girls, I do too! I like online shopping cos it's a great way to save time and money. You just need to find a reputable online shop for a hassle-free transaction. I've recently tried the Multiply cart (I know I know I'm so late) and boy oh boy I like it! I really really do! It's so easy (and fun) especially if you have a credit card (or online banking). Just don't be too trigger-happy when clicking the "buy" button if you're not so sure about a particular item you want to buy. Sellers hate bogus/joy reservers/buyers, so practice online shopping etiquette at all times!

So what are the basics of online shopping etiquette? Read on.

1. You're looking for affordable and cheaper (compared to mall prices) finds that's why you resort to online shopping. But as much as you want to haggle, don't. Unless you personally know the seller or if you've been a long time loyal customer, I guess that's okay (but at some level, it's still not okay). Avoid annoying comments like: "Last price?". Sellers state the prices for obvious reasons. If you're a frequent buyer from a particular site, chances are, the seller will give you freebies or discounts. No need for haggling.

2. The thing with online shopping is: "What you see is not what you usually get." Always bear that in mind. Especially if you're shopping for clothes and bags (colors, fabric and texture will always/may vary). Don't blame the seller if you hate didn't like what you've bought from them. Not unless the seller deliberately lied (fake items) about what they're selling, then you have every right to get mad and get even. Read the seller's terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing a certain item so you'll know what to do if you can still return and have your item replaced. Be a responsible online shopper.

3. It's convenient to use social networking sites to communicate but if you're shopping online and you want a particular item (and especially if that item costs a lot of money). You text-call-pm-email instead to assure your seller that you're serious and you intend to buy the item from them. Don't just leave comments (this is common in Facebook) on the photo. It's impersonal and it would look like you're bragging (not unless it's really your intention).

4. It's okay to ask the seller if their items are authentic (I do it all the time), just be discreet. Or better yet, do your research! Online shops that have been in the business for more than 3 years are the most trustworthy ones. Read the customers' feedback so you can be assured that you're buying from a reputable shop.

5. Read. I can't state this enough but if you want a hassle-less transaction, read; it's the most prudent thing you can do.

5. After paying (whether you do it over the counter or online banking), make sure to notify your seller as well and include your payment details (bank details, time stamp, amount, etc).

6. Lastly, after receiving your package. Thank the seller for a hassle-less transaction (I won't say free cos online shops are not perfect). You need to build a good online relationship with your seller if you want a hassle-free transaction the next time you buy from them.

There you have it! Remember to be polite and be smart!

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  1. I agree with EVERYTHING here. When shopping online, you have to read, read, READ. I'm not a seller myself but when I see interested buyers asking "hm? size?" when the answer is right there in the irks me.

    By the way I tagged you for The Liebster Award, it's like a virtual chain letter/slam book haha hope you fill it out when you have time!