Sunday, March 10, 2013

Forever a Wallflower

I was in a 'blog event' the other day, make it a beauty event! Yes, being the huge introvert that I am I dragged my lazy ass to attend a social gathering of some sort. To be honest I'm not that into makeup. Don't get me wrong, I buy makeup and I'd like to believe that I know how to put makeup on. I see makeup as an art. You know how a painter appreciates a good painting? Only in this case, I appreciate a beautifully made up face. That kind of thing! But I'm a kikay at heart. I might not look like one but I am, just on my own messed up way.

It was Project Vanity's 5th year anniversary. I've been reading Liz's blog since her Ukay Manila days and it was so awesome to have finally met her in the flesh. She is so nice that when she noticed that I had no one to talk to, she approached and introduced me to some of the bloggers. And of course the others too! It's good to have finally put faces to the names that I just see on her blog. Everyone was so pretty and fasyon! As Tita K has mentioned: Gaganda ng kilay! It was actually the first time that I went to a blog event. I had a great time people watching!

Well I had to be at the back because I'm tall! Char!

I'm not a fan of meet and greet. I don't have social skills. I blurt out things I'm not supposed to say. I stutter or freeze most of the time. That's one reason why I like to blog so much cos in real life, I suck at talking. But then I thought that it's too self-centered (add pathetic too) of me to think that I should just stay in the house and stop meeting new acquaintances. Cos no matter how shy I am, I still like meeting different kinds of people. 

Oggling galore! Haha! Had a side-shave last year just like hers.

Ms. Nelly See of Pinkbox and Karrots of Live Love Lolz

These are exactly the kinds of  people I look up to. Beautiful, passionate, strong-willed and down-to-earth. Women who inspire other women in their own little way. I was thinking that maybe one day, I'd outgrow my ridiculously-awkward-self, or not. Who knows? I'm grateful to have met these women. Grateful that we have these things called blogs and the internet.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All Things DIY: Jars, Kites and Some

Hi, everyone (assuming that someone's reading or visiting)! How was your week so far? Mine's been busy with crafts and cooking hence the lack of posts. I'm doing some crafts for Dylan's DD next month. I'm so excited! I've started with a few already.

Jars as table centerpieces 

Kites for backdrop 

And some books that I wrapped

I'm so glad that the ideas have already come to fruition. Normally, I wouldn't spend money on decorations because I'm stingy like that! But I've been wanting to do this for so long and I think now is the perfect time to do it budget and time-wise! So, I bought some nice papers from Print Cafe, ribbons from National Bookstore and textiles and fabrics from Uniwide. Then I'll be using some 'old looking' stuff I can find in our house. I'm still cheap considering the loot mentioned above. Haha. Can't wait to show you guys the outcome! Wish me luck! :)

P.S. I'm road-testing a VMV product right now. I'll let you know in full detail on my next post! :)